Gregg Drive House Fire
By Assistant Chief Marc Richman
December 10, 2023

At 4:34 PM on Sunday 10 December, St. Leonard and surrounding companies were alerted for the house fire in the 1300 block of Gregg Drive. Engine72, Tanker 7, Chief 7 and Chief 7A responded upon initial dispatch. First arriving units reported a working incident with fire through the roof on the Alpha/Delta side. Crews from E72 made entry through side Charlie and assisted with extinguishment. Crews were able to rescue several animals from the residence.

Rehab 7 responded on the working fire dispatch. Chief 7 had operations and Chief 7A had safety.

Crews back at the station responded to multiple calls while units were operating on this fire.

Pictures courtesy of SCANMD.ORG

Units: E72, T7, Rehab 7, Chief 7, Chief 7A.