Yoes Corner Lane Trailer and Barn Fire
By Assistant Chief Thomas Buckmaster
June 1, 2020

On Monday, June 1st, 2020 at approximately 2151 hours, Prince Frederick VFD Chief 2B notified the ECC of a working trailer fire on the corner of Yoes Corner Lane and Broomes Island Road; The St. Leonard VFD along with multiple other neighboring companies were then immediately dispatched bringing Chief 7A, Engine 72, Rescue Squad 7, Tanker 7, and Ambulance 78 on the run. Chief 7A arrived on scene shortly after and established the "Yoes Corner" command. Engine 72 then arrived and stretched a 1.5" 200’ attack line inside the structure and began extinguishing the bulk of the fire along with Engine 22 while Rescue Squad 7 performed a primary search of the residence and opened up for the Engine Companies. While units were extinguishing the trailer fire, command was notified of a small fire located inside a barn adjacent to the trailer, command then reassigned Chief 3 and Engine 62 to extinguish the barn fire which was ultimately extinguished quickly with no extension past the point of origin. Numerous other fire companies then arrived, assisted in water supply, and overhaul. Ultimately the trailer fire was deemed under control within 15 minutes and command held Company 7 and Company 2 units on the scene for approximately two hours to assist the Fire Marshals.

The trailer has been unoccupied since 1983 and the cause of both incidents is being investigated by the Maryland State Fire Marshals Office.

Units: Chief 7A, Engine 72, Rescue Squad 7, Tanker 7, Ambulance 78