One Pinned on Long Beach Road
By Deputy Chief - Fire Thomas Buckmaster
October 1, 2017

On October 1st, 2017 at approximately 1745 hours, the St. Leonard Volunteers were alerted to Long Beach Road in the area of Regency Drive for the report of a auto accident. Immediately Chief 7, Chief 7B, Squad 7, and Ambulance 77 responded. Chief 7B arrived on location first to find the corrected location at Long Beach Road and Kings Creek Drive. Upon further assessment, a single vehicle was found to be off the road way with one passenger pinned. The incident was then upgraded to a serious MVA which brought Squad 2 and Medic 101 on the run. Squad 7 then arrived on scene and started to extricate the pinned occupant. It was then determined a second Squad would not be needed and they were placed available. Once the pinned occupant was extricated, Ambulance 77 and Medic 101 transported them to a nearby landing site being handled by Engine 71 while Ambulance 49 transported the other occupant to a local hospital. Co.7 units operated for approximately one hour. Chief 7B held the "Long Beach Road" Command.

Units: Chief 7, Chief 7B, Squad 7, Engine 71, Ambulance 77
Mutual Aid: Squad 2, Ambulance 49, Medic 101, Trooper 7