First Due House
By Captain William Cunningham Jr
August 1, 2018

Just after 0600 hours, the assignment was dispatched for the 4000 blk of Song Bird Lane (wolf town) in the 7-07 box. Engine 72 arrived and laid a 3-inch line and found a 1 story single family with fire throughout. The engine crew stretched a 200’ 1-3/4 attack line to the front door and began a defensive attack at first. Once a water supply was established crews transitioned to an aggressive interior attack, conditions deteriorated and crews from Engine 72, Engine 21 and Tower 2 backed out and regrouped with new attack plan. A mayday was called and cleared in 34 seconds after a member of tower 2 fell into the crawl space and was pulled out by the OIC of Engine 72. The fire was under control in approximately 40 minutes. Units operated until 08:35

Units: Safety 7, Captain 7, Engine 72, Tanker 7