Company 7 Alarmers

The Company 7 Alarmers are a non-profit organization aimed at providing funds for the St. Leonard Volunteer Fire and Rescue Fire Department. Each year the Company "7" Alarmers are very helpful in aiding us to purchase new apparatus, tools, and gear. These dedicated members don't run calls but support us in many ways, whether it be cooking, providing refreshments on long calls and training drills, moral support, or assisting with various functions. They also hold Bingo every Friday night and hold many other fundraisers in our behalf.

Bingo Is Back!!!

Every Friday night from 6:30pm till 10 pm, in the St. Leonard Volunteer Fire and Rescue Hall, located in our Firehouse.

Food and Drinks are on sale by the Company 7 Alarmers.

All proceeds benefit St. Leonard Volunteer Fire Department.

For more information call 410-586-1713.