Become a Member

St. Leonard Volunteer Fire & Rescue is a 100% volunteer department providing Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Medical Services to the residents and visitors of Calvert County, Maryland.   Our first due area encompasses approximately 40 square miles, which is nearly two-thirds the size of Washington, DC.  Our members contribute countless hours to training and the maintenance of our equipment and apparatus while responding to over 2,000 fire and EMS calls annually.

We are always looking to welcome new, enthusiastic, good quality members into our family. It is a fun and rewarding, yet challenging, opportunity to give back to your community and help your friends, family, neighbors, and the many visitors of Calvert County in their time of need.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter or EMT will open countless opportunities for you to succeed professionally while making a difference in your community - and you will even make some life-long friends on the way! But, joining our department also requires time, dedication, discipline, and the willingness to make sacrifices. If you are not sure if this is for you, come to our station and see what we are about and, most importantly, ask questions.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Fighter
  • Administrative

Ideal for:

  • Homemakers
  • Self-employed
  • Shift workers
  • Retirees
  • High School Students


The applicant must submit:

  • A complete application including the prospective member's Social Security Number, DOB, Mailing Address, Phone Numbers, and E-mail address.
  • This information must be printed legibly.
  • Drug test results less than 15 days old.*
  • Completed medical release.*

* The drug test and medical release form are to be completed at the applicant's expense.



Equipment and Gear:

  • All equipment and safety gear needed to perform your responsibilities as a firefighter or EMS provider is provided.

Free Training:

  • All necessary training is provided free of charge by the University of Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI).  The classes are offered on nights, weekends, or weekdays to fit various schedules. 
  • High School students may take advantage of the Cadet Program which offers the required classes through Calvert County High School Recruit Program.
  • Your course credits may be applied toward a degree in Fire Service through University of Maryland.

Live-In Program:

  • Our facility offers numerous bunkrooms to those members that are interested and willing.  The only cost is your commitment to do what you are here to do – respond to the emergency calls.

Tuition Benefits:

  • The scholarship program will fund the cost of tuition, books and fees for a post-high school program that is accredited. 
  • (At a minimum, a certified Firefighter I or practicing Maryland EMT-B or a volunteer currently eligible for LOSAP may be eligible to participate in the scholarship program if they have completed two (2) years of active, certified service at the time of application.)

Daycare Assistance:

  • Any active member of a Calvert County Volunteer Fire-Rescue-EMS Department is immediately eligible to participate in a child or an adult day care reimbursement benefit if that member attends a training course (excluding company drills) or staffs a shift.  Training is a maximum of $20.00 for each child. Staffing a shift is considered at a Part-time rate of $20.00 per child for 4 to 6 hours and at a full time rate of $30.00 per child for 6.5 hours and over.  The volunteer member may select the daycare provider as long as the daycare provider doesn’t reside in the same residence of the provider claiming the daycare benefit or is a parent / guardian of child / adult day care participant.

LOSAP (Retirement/Pension):

  • Members of the Calvert County volunteer fire company or volunteer rescue squad who reach the age of 55 and completed 25 years of certified active volunteer service in Calvert County are eligible to receive $400 per month for life. An additional $4 per month shall be added to the benefit for each full year of active certified volunteer service in excess of 25 years with a maximum benefit of $500 per month for life. Calvert County's LOSAP monthly stipend is one of the highest in Maryland.